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We're always on the move - constantly creating new innovations and designs. Learn more about us and how our diverse conveyor solutions can improve your line.


Tight for Space?

An idea with a twist.

Our systems are designed to be flexible. We can twist and helix our conveyors into virtually any shape. Combined with an arsenal of chain attachments, we can economically move products in ways that only expensive and complex machinery could once do.


Just Milling About

Span Tech Canada in Canadian Packaging Magazine

Read the article where Montreal-based Kruger Inc. talks about their sustainability efforts and Span Tech Canada's role in their success.


Transfers getting you down?

Worry no more. The solution is at hand.

At Span Tech Canada, we have an engineered transfer solution for even the toughest application. Our standard products include magnetically coupled power roller transfers that pop out for easy cleaning.


"I want it to run better than anything in the world!"

Find out what makes Span Tech Conveyors simply the best product you can buy to achieve sucess in your manufacturing business.

Durango Library Project

Watch a variety of Span Tech solutions at work and their strength to move and sort delicate products.

Experience A Span Tech Conveyor

Ride along and get a product's eye view of the best conveyors the world has to offer.



Our experience covers meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, bottling, breweries, frozen food, specialty baking, fresh and convenience foods.

Spirals & Outrunners

With over 30 years experience delivering custom spirals, Span Tech Canada's spiral systems will be perfect for your needs.


The TransSorter™ is a unique, durable and flexible system made with some of the world's most innovative technology.


Effective solutions to connect your entire conveyor system together.

Accessories & Options

We have many ways to customize your conveyor, transfer or spiral to add or increase its current potential.

Chain Families

Using the Span Tech chain families with your Span Tech conveyor or spiral will help you to repair on the fly and customize your systems.